Friday, January 7, 2011


The Hindus called an aeon or age a "Manvantara" or "Manifestation." They tell us of the day of Brahm, when there is a Manvantara, when Brahm objectivizes himself, and a night of Brahm, when the Manvantara ends, all manifestation ceases, and the objective becomes subjective, disappearing into the Absolute; to be followed as it had been preceded, by other days and nights of Brahm.

- W.E. Copeland, in "The Path"  (1895).

Magick Concrète is a collaboration between Andy Sharp (English Heretic) and Mark Pilkington (Strange Attractor).

Essentially, an extended conceit, magick concrète is a word play on  "real music" - reel-to-reel magic. Combining interactive pilgrimage, with  the subsequent and ceremonial manipulation of found sounds, images and narratives.  The intention is to encapsulate each voyage into a ritual, theatrical and hyper-realised recapitulation - reifications or manifestations, to borrow Dali's dictum: handmade imaginal documentaries of the concrete irrational. 

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